Biz Sch News 10 July 2013

Reflections about Commencement 2013

Our Director of Graduate Studies and the NUS-Peking University Double-degree MBA alumni Chua-Nan Sze, Marie Antonie, shares her reflections about Commencement 2013:

Commencement 2013 is just round the corner and it entails a busy and exciting time for all of us at the School. It is, after all, that one time of the year when we all come together, to celebrate the achievements of our students, the support that their families have provided to them and the memories we create together to help our students attain an important milestone of their lives.

The graduating class of 2013 will remain a very special cohort in my life – the first official cohort I welcomed & saw through as Director of the NUS MBA program. I will remember most of the students fondly when I will look through the memories captured in the annual student Yearbook many years later and I look forward to receiving updates about the exciting happenings in these students’ lives through Facebook & LinkedIn.



The Commencement always brings forth mixed feelings – the happiness to celebrate the success of graduating students and the sadness to bid them farewell as well, as they venture out to accomplish great things in life.

As the Director of Graduate Studies and an NUS-Peking University Double Degree MBA alumni myself, I am often asked for advice by my MBA students, who I end up knowing very well due to the extensive time they spend here on campus. I’ve been in their shoes, having completed my double-degree MBA, right here, in NUS Business School.

Today, as I’m reflecting upon their achievements and their time here at NUS Business School, below are the words of wisdom I’d like to share with them:

Dear Graduating Class of 2013,


As you embark on a new journey, we wish you all the very best for your new adventures. Things will only get more challenging as you progress in your career so cherish every part of the journey. You may start off griping about pay, responsibilities & even bosses when you are just starting out but you are going to miss managing your own work & think about what a lovely life you would have had if you did not have to manage people. When once you put in hours of hard work to earn money, when you get *there* in the organization, you will wish your money can buy you time! You will realize you can only buy so much with money and remember – only money spent is really yours. While you work hard, remember to appreciate every step of the way. Carpe Diem!

Believe that you are going to get *there* – like the rest who have graduated before you. We know you will make it. After all, we hand-picked you amongst many thousands of applicants through a stringent admissions process. We saw something in you, a right combination of intellect, heart & drive. You have made it through an academically rigorous MBA program today, and it is a testament to your abilities & potential, that you are a cut above many others, destined to be a Global Business Leader, Leading from Asia! Just as we have celebrated the achievements of many alumni – at least for me, my peers & those I recruited thereafter, seems accomplished & well settled post MBA, so will we rejoice in your success one day. Your success is our success & together, we will propel The NUS MBA & NUS Business School to greater heights!

Keep in touch. Love & give of yourself. Do not get caught up in the sole pursuit of your career goals. You will be working hard for the rest of your life but keep in touch with your friends. They are a part of what you signed up for when you decided to join the NUS MBA. Your degree is a propeller that complements your knowledge & skills, motivation & passions – but your friends are the wheels that will help you roll along better. Not only are they a wonderful source of social stimulation, having that guanxi can also be key to getting into jobs or companies you have only dreamt of! Keep in touch with the school. For those of you in Singapore, return occasionally for classes on the MBA Alumni Lifelong Learning program. Learn new things & make new friends. Give back to the school & be that alumnus you had hoped others would be when you were a student. It starts somewhere & it can start with you.

Finally, as you graduate today, I wish all of you love & success. Trust that you will make it, because we believe in you. Love life – the journey of living in the moment & loving your community. Success will follow!

Happy Graduation! Now go forth & conquer the world!

Chua Nan Sze, Marie-Antonie

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