NUS BBA 31 July 2013

Rag & Flag 2013: Teamwork at its Finest

There are social events. There are team-building events. And then there are events that take the best of both and showcase excellent teamwork.  Rag & Flag is one such annual event at NUS.

The entire NUS community is looking forward to Rag & Flag 2013 and we believe this is the perfect time to reveal some never-seen-or-heard-before secrets about the upcoming NUS Biz Rag & Flag 2013. Here’s a complete rundown:

Little bit of history: What is Rag & Flag?

Organized by National University of Singapore Student Union (NUSSU), Rag and Flag is an annual charity event that is a highlight of NUSSU Freshmen Orientation Programme to help the new, incoming undergraduates students integrate into the NUS community. It comprises of two parts: students taking to the streets asking the public for donations on Flag Day (by selling flags) and, subsequently, a procession of thematic floats and performances on university grounds on Rag Day.

NUS Rag 2012

NUS Biz School Rag Performance 2012

RAG – which stands for ‘Receiving and Giving’ – is part of a longstanding NUS tradition since 1958, to show appreciation to the public for their donations on Flag Day.Each faculty/school of NUS participates and competes in a healthy spirit, to showcase the best performances and raise maximum money.

NUS Biz School Rag Performance 2012

NUS Biz School Rag Performance 2012

Awards such as Best Float Design, Best Total Overall Flag Collection, Most Outstanding Progress Award and NUS Chancellor’s Shield (the highest award) are given out to deserving faculties.  NUS Business School has consistently emerged as the overall champion of Rag & Flag almost every year. 

You can view NUS Biz School’s last year’s award-winning Rag performance here.

What’s up for this year?

This year, Flag Day will be on Tuesday, 6th August and Rag Day will be on Wednesday, 7th August. The theme for this year’s RAG is “EXtending love and EXperience NUS.” Unlike all previous years, this year, majority of the awards will not be presented, as an attempt to acknowledge all teams’ efforts equally.

On Flag Day, hundreds of NUS Business School undergraduate freshmen (“Bizaders”) will be out, selling flags for 14 hours, all around Singapore. All donations raised on the Flag Day will go to the adopted beneficiary, Hougang Sheng Hong Family Service Centre.

Meanwhile, over a hundred Bizaders are involved in construction of floats and practising for the performances.  If you’ve visited our campus, you can see many students camped permanently near the parking lot of Mochtar Riady Building, busy building some of the most creative structures/floats from scratch.

Hold Your Breath – Introducing the Biz Rag Float 2013 Theme!

What is usually kept under wraps is now published on this blog, first time ever. This year’s Biz Rag Float & performance theme includes three components: A candy land, to represent sweet memories from the past; a fairyland, to represent learning, growth & development (of new graduates); and a Science-fiction (Sci-fi) section, to represent the promise of the future.

Sneak-peak of almost complete NUS Biz Rag 2013 Float

Sneak-peak of the almost complete NUS Biz Rag 2013 Float

Over a 100 NUS undegraduate freshmen have worked hard to create some magnificent and creative exhibits and dance performances. This year, Rag & Flag is even bigger & better,” exclaimed Chun Kiat, the Project Director of Rag & Flag 2013.  You can expect to be dazzled by stunning props and exhibits that include artificial waterfall, a tree, three-tier cake, ice-cream cone and even a replica of Mochtar Riady building. Sounds intriguing? Watch this space for videos and photos of Rag & Flag 2013, to see how it all comes together.