More wins by undergrads

Our students have continued to do us proud in national and international competitions.

Our BBA team of Chan Yi, Eleanor Low, Fahmi Hamzah and Jerome Tan beat 11 other global teams, to win the Sauder Summit Global Case Competition.


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Latest talk on ‘Chindia Rising’

To succeed in two of the fastest growing economies of the world, China and India, companies need to think local and act global, instead of vice versa, according to the best-selling author, thought leader and a renowned expert on ‘Chindia’, Dr Jagdish Sheth.

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Networking on the Green

For 20 alumni from the Eastern China Alumni Network (ECAN) Golf Club and their families, the first get-together for 2014 was naturally another opportunity for the golf enthusiasts to brush up on their technique for the game. They met at the Shanghai Golf Training Center to learn from professional coaches, and swap golfing tips with each other.

Chen Wei, head of ECAN and APEX-C 2012 alumnus, aptly summed up the session, “Playing golf is about having fun with like-minded people. With strong support from our alumni, this club is a perfect place for sowing the seeds of friendship.”

Here are some pictures from the gathering:

golf1Strong turn out from the Eastern China alumni chapter.

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Getting to Know: Christopher Chong

In our ‘Getting To Know’ Series, we regularly feature staff, students, and other community members of NUS Business School, who make us who we are – you know, the ordinary people who make an extraordinary difference to our culture. 

It is no secret that communication between the media and organisations has assumed much greater importance in today’s day and age, due to the evolving media landscape. This is why Christopher Chong tries to keep his mobile phone close at all times, even after dinner and on weekends.

As a senior manager of media relations in the School’s Corporate Communications office, Christopher serves as the main point of contact between the School and journalists, playing one of the key PR roles in the Corporate Communications team. This lesser-known employee (well, not anymore) is responsible for making many at the School famous by getting them media coverage.

We could go on and on, but at the risk of sounding biased (he is, after all, one of our team mates), let us hear directly from Christopher. And, ‘no comment’ was not an option in our interview.


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Faculty Award and Promotions

We’re proud to highlight the recent achievements of our faculty members.

Professor Ivan Png, from Department of Strategy and Policy, has recently been appointed as a Distinguished Professor of the University. This honour is awarded  to academics who demonstrate excellence and international recognition in innovative research and superior performance in the field. Professor Ivan is a renowned economics expert, with an academic career spanning over two decades. His research focuses on the economics of Innovation and pricing. In addition to his contribution to academics, he has also been a nominated Member of Parliament (10th Parliament of Singapore).

Professor Sumit Agarwal from the Department of Finance has been promoted to full professor. Professor Sumit, a well-known expert in finance, recently won the School’s Outstanding Researcher award.

Professor Sumit has been cited widely and has produced five top-tier journal papers since joining us two years ago, a feat that puts him on par with the best researchers in the field. He also writes extensively for the ‘Smart Finance’ blog on Think Business, our knowledge portal.



Associate Professor Edmund Keung, from Department of Accounting, has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure beginning this January. Professor Edmund teaches accounting courses at the School and has won the School’s Outstanding Research award in 2010.

His research interests lie in financial accounting and capital markets, and his work has been published in several leading journals. 


irisAssistant Professor Iris Hung, from Department of Marketing, has also been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure beginning this January.
Iris teaches promotional management and consumer information processing courses at the School and has won the Outstanding Researcher award for the School in 2010. Her research interests lie in consumer information processing and effects of subjective experiences on decision making. Her work has been published in several leading journals.

To learn more about the School’s faculty members, their research interests or awards, click here.


A Day in the life of an ‘NUS’ Bizader

If you thought undergrad life was all fun and play, think again. NUS Biz undergrads, (the ‘Bizaders’) are a bunch of seriously focused students who know to work hard and play harder on a typical School day.

“University life is really what we want it to be, and time management is really the key,” says Kenneth Lou, NUS BBA freshman. We followed Kenneth Lou to get a glimpse of a typical day for our Bizaders. Have a look:


Three schools, three cities, one experience

NUS Business School has renewed its commitment to its S3 Asia MBA programme, conducted in partnership with Fudan University School of Management and Korea University Business School. The deans of all three business schools signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in a ceremony at Korea University Business School at the end of February.


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“Finding a sustainable business model is a lot like sailing”: Sasa Vucinic

There is no one sustainable business model for a social entreprise waiting to be discovered,  according to Sasa Vucinic, cofounder of Media Development Loan Fund (MDLF), and founder and CEO of IndieVoices, the first crowd funding portal for independent media in the developing world.  A renowned expert on social investing, Mr Vucinic believes that discovering a sustainable business model is a lot like sailing – you have to navigate and be prepared to change direction, but as long as you have a general idea of your destination and are trying to find it, you’ll get there in the end.


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China alumni reading club kicks off first session of year

Twenty members of the NUS Eastern China Alumni Network (ECAN) Reading Club kicked off the first reading club session of the year with a discussion of marketing firm founder and author Jack Trout’s newest book. The March 8 meeting in Shanghai saw alumni come together to share perspectives on In Search of the Obvious: the Antidote for Today’s Marketing Mess, a book that makes the bold declaration that marketers have lost their way.


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Undergraduate team trumps global competition

Our undergraduate team was announced as grand prize winner at the John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition (JMUCC) Awards Gala in Montreal, Canada on 22 February, beating five other finalist teams from business schools around the world in the finals.

Winning team celebrates victory at JMUCC

Winning team celebrates victory at JMUCC

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