First Impressions from a Korean Visitor

We stopped by at a recent informal student interaction for student exchange programmes, hosted by NUS Bizad Club. We couldn’t pass away this opportunity to introduce you all to a new member of our NUS Business School community.

Meet Jimin Clara Lee, a third year economics exchange student from Korea University. Here are her (unfiltered) thoughts about NUS Business School:

ClaraFirst Impressions of NUS Business School: “Like my home university, students here are really hard -working and motivated. Also, they know how to have fun! Another thing I noticed is generally students are quite good at sports – they play some sport or another. Coming from Korea, I appreciate this similarity!”

Top differences with your home university: “Frankly, I think students in University of Korea drink much more than students here. Not surprising, given that Korean drinks are almost five times more expensive here! On  a serious note, I do feel a sense of community-bonding, especially seeing U-Town and its activities. We don’t have this communal bonding as prominent, back in my home university. Also, I think girls here are much more stronger – and I mean really, athletic and strong!”

Why go on an exchange programme and why NUS?: “I’d always wanted to do an exchange programme, but where was a question. Europe was good, but expensive. US was too far away from home. Singapore was an attractive option as it offered many options to travel nearby, and it’s small, so I could see and do everything in my one semester here”

Tips for prospective exchange student to NUS: “Pack long suits, it gets freezing in here; contrary to what you might think! And please mingle not just with groups of other exchange students, but also Singaporeans and local students here – it’s very important part of the overall experience”

Final thoughts for NUS Biz community: ” I’ve had a great time here, and built some lasting relationships. Thank you for the wonderful experiences!”

If you’re tempted to go an exchange trip, contact our NUS BBA exchange programme officials here.

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