NUS BBA 13 April 2017

Choosing his own Business adventure

The vibrancy of campus life and the opportunities it affords was one of the reasons Sean Ling was drawn to NUS Business School. For the recent graduate, his University life involved more than studying and included a wide assortment of activities and orientation programmes available to get the complete, holistic, university experience.

Behind-the-scenes with the international ambassadors of the UOB-NUS International Case Competition 2016

“NUS Business School is exciting not just for the education it provides in school, but also for the extra-curricular experiences available to students. I have had the chance to participate in and lead numerous school initiatives, honing my leadership and inter-personal skills – competencies important to employers. From sports events to case competitions, each and every initiative has allowed me to discover new things about myself and meet new friends. Juggling multiple commitments including academics, friends and family was not an easy task – but I am proud that I chose to take on this many opportunities because they have made my university life much more vibrant and exciting.”

The avid and adventurous traveller who specialised in marketing and finance was also able to integrate his wanderlust into a definitive part of his university life.

Placing 3rd at the Citi-HKUST International Case Competition in Hong Kong, Sean’s 7th and final time representing NUS Business School

“I never thought I would have the opportunity to represent NUS abroad in international case competitions. I have competed in seven cities around the world and grown in ways I would never have imagined. From Belgrade to Hong Kong to Seattle, each city and case presents a unique opportunity for learning and growth.”

For those still thinking about what sort of degree to pursue, Sean has this advice to share, “Business is a platform for growth, and where you go from there is entirely up to you. Keep an open mind – people don’t always end up working where they originally planned to. Step out of your comfort zone and meet new people and hear their ideas. Don’t be afraid to change!”

Milestone achieved! Celebrating graduation with style!

“To me, NUS Business School was a place for me to discover myself and my interests. Through 4 years of university, I have met friends with diverse passions and interests – from bankers to musicians to dancers to entrepreneurs. Each and every one of us have found our own paths and success in our own ways. If you want to learn to live, not just how to make a living, NUS Business School is the prefect school for you.”

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