Chinese alumni set up entrepreneurship cafés

Led by Alumna and Adjunct Professor Chen Chunhua (Department of Management & Organisation), a group of 55 Asia-Pacific EMBA (Chinese) alumni, has embarked on a mission to build cafes in China that double up as incubators for entrepreneurs.

The Hangzhou cafe

The Hangzhou cafe


The Hangzhou Cafe

The group recently opened its second café in Hangzhou in early December 2016. The first, based in Nanjing, opened in May 2015. The alumni adopted the brand name “Dreampresso” for the cafes.

“In a fast-paced society, we should find time to slow down, reflect and dream. We want the cafes to be platforms where we can share our growth and success stories,” said Adjunct Professor Chen.

Each café has its own theme. The Nanjing branch focuses on arts, hosting exhibitions and performances, while the Hangzhou café’s theme is based on finance.

“I hope visitors can enjoy the coffee and space, as well as gain ideas to further their entrepreneurial ambitions,” said alumna Yang Sheng, who fronts the Hangzhou café.

Yang Sheng (left); Professor Susanna Leong; and Adjunct Professor Chen Chunhua

Yang Sheng (left); Professor Susanna Leong; and Adjunct Professor Chen Chunhua

Every café is led by a member of the Asia-Pacific EMBA (Chinese) alumni. The Nanjing facility is led by alum Zhang Yu Juan. The alumni are looking to open more cafes in the coming months in Qingdao, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Hong Kong.

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