Biz Sch News 04 December 2013

Winds and Wins at the Second Noah’s Fortune Cup Sailing Regatta

Some 22 teams from 11 prestigious business schools competed in the second Noah’s Fortune Cup Business School Yacht Race held at Dianshanhu Haishang Sailing Club, Shanghai, on November 9-10, 2013. NUS Business School came in fourth position, after CEIBS, Fudan University and Xiamen University in first, second and third positions respectively.

Sailing Regatta

The race, organized by the Business School Sailing Society, one of the largest private organisations in China to promote sailing and preservation of the sea, has been a major draw for business school alumni, with participation growing from eight teams last year to 22 this year.  Business schools form sailing teams,  which are guided by crew members certified in International Yacht Training (IYT) or by the American Sailing Association (ASA) to compete at such races.


Sailing, as a competitive water sport, is also becoming increasingly popular in China and the Regatta helps foster team work and communication among alumni, as well as proving to be a lot of fun

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