Biz Sch News 26 November 2013

Chinese Faculty Delegation visits the School

Chinese economy is growing rapidly and there is need for quality executive education for training its future business leaders. We recently hosted delegates from China to explore this and similar avenues of partnerships.

A delegation of 15 faculty members from China Business Executives Academy at Dalian (CBEAD) led by the Vice-President, Professor Dong Dahai, visited NUS Business School on November 12, 2013.  CBEAD is a part of the Dalian University of Technology. The Academy is China’s only school where highly qualified CEOs are trained. Vice-President Professor Dong Dahai has previously said, “Collaboration with large municipal enterprises, best universities and independent business organizations made it possible for us to accumulate advanced experience in personnel training.”

With this consideration, the main objectives of this visit were:

  • To enhance mutual understanding between CBEAD and NUS Business School.
  • To exchange ideas and share experiences about executive education, programme design, research and share best practices.
  • To discuss areas of collaboration between the two organisations.


The delegates met with senior executives from the School and toured the state-of-the-art investment and trading lab of Centre for Asset Management Research & Investments (CAMRI) and the Executive Education facilities. Following the tour was a presentation and dialogue with Professor Susanna Leong, Vice-Dean (Graduate Studies) who gave an overview of the School’s Asia Pacific Executive-Chinese (APEX-C) programme; Mr Nigel Yeung, the Executive Education Director, who gave an overview of the School’s executive education programmes, and Professor of Accountancy, Oliver Zheng Li, who talked about faculty research on China and the best practices in training. Professor Dong also gave an overview of CBEAD.


The visit concluded with a private meeting and lunch with Professor Bernard Yeung, the Dean of NUS Business School.

Interested to learn more? Click here and here for photos of this delegate visit.