NUS MBA   05 August 2016
When Baldness brings bonding
She walks through the busy corridors of Mochtar Riady Building with a renewed exuberance, sometimes to many surprised and curious looks, or other times to words of encouragement and support. There’s a spring in her step due to the lightness – not from a clean-shaven head but from the joy in her heart.
Biz Sch News   27 May 2016
Our Desert Adventures – A Tale of Two Treks
Our 2015 Team The Yashasai, short for the Asia-Pacific Business Schools Desert Adventure Challenge, invites MBA students from top business schools from the Asia-Pacific region. In 2015, our school participated in the race for the first time. Nine students from NUS joined MBA students from 52 schools from all over the…
Biz Alumni   05 April 2016
The car park whisperer
In space-constrained Singapore where the ratio of cars to citizens is roughly 1 to 10, finding parking lots can be a time-consuming exercise for motorists who have to spend time searching for available spaces or queuing outside car park entrances. But Neil Mehta (MBA 2015) believes his SurePark parking platform…
NUS MBA   04 April 2016
Connecting with the best at the MBA World Summit 2016
Eight months at the NUS Business School have been action packed! I have met the most talented people, experienced the fast pace of global business and created memories of a lifetime. One of the most defining experiences so far has been representing NUS Business School at the MBA World Summit…
NUS MBA   18 November 2015
Does an MBA still matter?
“Yes,” says Chua Nan Sze, Director of Graduate Studies at NUS Business School, who was featured in The Business Times article “Educating the CEO”. “Building social and professional bonds can help in their personal and career growth, potentially spinning off collaborations, creating new opportunities and facilitating mutual benefits,” she said,…
NUS MBA   05 October 2015
Learning about doing business in a frontier market
  “It’s a trip that is only possible due to the NUS MBA’s prestigious reputation around the world,” says Sean Bellamy who was part of a 14-member group from NUS Business School which visited Myanmar in September 2015 as part of the Myanmar Global Immersion Programme. Sean, who is also…
NUS MBA   01 October 2015
Expand your horizons through exchange programmes
Full-time MBA student Jose Antonio Borrero is finding that going on exchange programmes overseas brings major benefits. Last month, he took part in an entrepreneurship course at the Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore (IIM-B) and found the time spent there to be a precious experience. The MBA programme offers some 17…
NUS MBA   06 August 2015
NUS MBA kicks off with Orientation; students from as far afield as Peru taking part
Some 181 students, both full-time and part-time, representing some 20 nationalities make up this year’s MBA intake – a rich diversity of nationalities and backgrounds. Adding to this global mix are Azerbaijani Anar Rahbarli and Peruvian Joao Nunez, making it the first time that countries of Azerbaijan and Peru are…
NUS MBA   24 July 2015
Partnering MetLife to transform the insurance industry
Imagine an insurance company branching out to new business areas such as wellness, wealth, and retirement. This is what the world’s second largest insurer MetLife is looking to achieve with its self-styled disruptive innovation centre called LumenLab. A long-time partner and sponsor of the NUS Business School, MetLife unveiled the…
Biz Sch News   08 July 2015
Commencement 2015: Advice from Singapore’s business leaders
More than 1000 students from the Doctorate, Masters and Bachelor cohorts graduated from our Business School yesterday. Some are already employed or have secured jobs before graduation, but many will be looking to join the workforce in Singapore. Many of them might not be sure what to expect as they…
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