NUS MBA   05 August 2016
When Baldness brings bonding
She walks through the busy corridors of Mochtar Riady Building with a renewed exuberance, sometimes to many surprised and curious looks, or other times to words of encouragement and support. There’s a spring in her step due to the lightness – not from a clean-shaven head but from the joy in her heart.
Biz Sch News   05 August 2016
Another type of NUS Orientation – by the Enablers
There is another type of Orientation in NUS. A kind, gentle, compassionate one.  Those who organise it call themselves the NUS Enablers. Orientation 2016 Project Director, Ruth Lee, FASS Year 1 going 2, says: There is a need for a special Orientation for student with special needs (SSNs) for various…