A Glamorous night with Talent Showcase

The School’s Dinner & Dance on 30 January at the Hilton Hotel’s Grand Ballroom saw some 230 faculty and admin staff turn up in glamorous costumes with a “retro” theme to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

Organised by the School’s Social Committee, the evening started with some fun and games in the foyer with a life-sized Snakes and Ladders board,  the ‘Kachang Puteh’ man and instant photo booth. Dressed in colourful shirts, elegant dresses and gowns, big hair and flashy jewellery, many attendees aimed to be picked as Best Dressed Female and Male.


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Brewing a Silent Revolution

Sometimes it takes losing everything to grow and discover yourself. NUS BBA alumna Anthea Ong‘s story is one such take on triumphing over adversity.

After her graduation in 1990, Anthea built a successful career, got married and even embarked on an entrepreneurial venture in education technology and consulting.  She made all the right moves that paid off.

However, unfortunate circumstances led to her losing everything almost overnight – her marriage, her business and her sense of self.   “For the first time in my life, I had fallen off the safe path and didn’t know what the future held.  It was the darkest period in my life,” recalls Anthea.

Anthea Ong NUS Biz

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