“I’ve often hit a wall during training”: Jerome Tan, Case Competition Veteran

The following is a guest post from fourth year undergrad Jerome Tan, fondly known as the ‘serial winner’ of several competitions that our students have participated in. Jerome has taken part in eight international competitions up to now; he made it to the finals in six of them, and won five. His favourite? The Sauder Summit Global Case Competition in Vancouver.  Here’s more from Jerome:

It always begins the same way: the euphoria of being selected, the excitement of meeting new teammates, the exhilaration of learning about a new country. All too quickly though, one gets dragged back down to earth. Overnight training on weekends becomes the norm, and the prospect of having to keep pace with academics while missing an entire week of lessons becomes more daunting as the dates draw nearer. There have been semesters where I was literally on campus every single weekend for something case-related — all this of my own free will and volition.

Jerome Tan winning case competitions

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Faculty Awards

Five faculty members of the School have won the University’s Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA) for the Academic Year 2012/13.

The ATEA is a prestigious teaching award at NUS that recognises faculty members who have  demonstrated an exceptional level of commitment to, and achievement of, good teaching.

The winners received their awards at the ATEA ceremony held on 12 May 2014.

Our heartiest congratulations to the faculty members!

Faculty awards